Open Knowledge Belgium is an umbrella organisation for Open Knowledge initiatives in Belgium.

Open Knowledge Belgium is a not for profit organisation (vzw/asbl) ran by a board of 6 people and has currently 1 employee. An overview of our working groups lead by volunteers can be found down here.

If you would like to have your activities under our wing, please contact us at our mailinglist.

open Summer of code

open Summer of code logo

Open Summer of code is a 3 week programme for students during the summer of 2014. The goal: provide 20 to 25 Belgian based students the training, network and support necessary to transform open innovation projects into powerful real-world services.

Creative Commons Belgium

creative commons Belgium logo

Creative Commons helps you share your knowledge and creativity with the world. If you want to give people the right to share, use, and even build upon a work you’ve created, you should consider publishing it under a Creative Commons license. CC Belgium translates these licenses for the Belgian legislation, contributes Belgian stories to the international organisation and organises meet-ups in Belgium.

The DataTank

The DataTank

The DataTank is a tool which publishes your data to the Web from a series of formats. The tool is maintained as an open source project within Open Knowledge Belgium.

The local Open Data census

If you are interested in helping out creating a ranking of Open Cities, get in touch with us through our mailing list.

Open Access Belgium

Open Access Belgium is pushing forward the accessibility of scientific publications in Belgium. More information at

Open Tourism

A group that is creating a Belgian ontology for tourism data. The first public meeting will be during the Open Belgium 2015 conference.

iRail & Open Transport

Opening up Transport data

iRail is a working group at Open Knowledge Belgium, which creates interfaces for developers who want to use transport data in Belgium. The working Group stimulates the reuse of this data in plenty of apps and it creates it own website at

Open Belgium

Open Belgium 2015 Open Belgium is a yearly conference to give an idea of the state of play in different Open Knowledge domains in Belgium.

Open Street Map Belgium

Open Street Map Belgium

Open Street Map is an international project that wants to map the entire world and provide its data to reusers. Open Street Map Belgium coordinates this mapping community and organises mapping, editing as well as reuse events.

From our Blog

So why does Belgium rank so low?

In our article on the 9th of December we’ve talked about Belgium scoring slightly higher on the Global Open Data Index. We went from 58th to 53rd. And even though we have positive aspirations for 2015 because we now have a federal minister of the Digital Agenda who is directly responsible for Open Data and […]

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Belgium scores slightly higher on the Global Open Data Index, big expectations for 2015

According to the Global Open Data Index, Belgium ranks 53d out of 97 countries, going up from 27% to 39%. A status quo one might think, knowing that last year Belgium ranked 58th, but a lot has happened since. The Global Data Index, a tool developed by Open Knowledge, ranks 97 nations based on 10 […]

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The final way to become an Apps for Europe finalist.

Are you making an open data based app? Apps for Europe runs an annual competition to find the best new apps across Europe that we can help scale into viable businesses. Who can enter? Anyone that uses some form of open data in their application or service! How do I enter? You need to enter your application online, all the local […]

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Open Ghent

Open Ghent is an event where we invite everyone to the Lakenhal next to the Belfry in Ghent. Join us in this UNESCO World Heritage protected hall and find out how Ghent, which is also home to the headquarters of Open Knowledge Belgium, has been a pioneer in opening up its data and is still […]

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